Get to Know Chef Bradley Dickinson

Bradley Dickinson, Executive Chef and Co-owner

Chef Bradley is the culinary master behind Pearl’s mouth-watering dishes. With many years of experience in the restaurant industry, he is now happy to be co-owning his own restaurant. Get the inside dish directly from Chef Bradley on his vision for Pearl, his family life, and his inspirations:

“Interestingly, the original vision for Pearl is what is shining right now. We wanted a fun place where you’d be comfortable in virtually any situation: a dinner date, a business meeting, a casual night in the lounge with friends. You can see all of that happening just about every day at Pearl. My favorite dish at Pearl is the one that’s not on the menu yet. Our choices are always evolving and we have the most fun when we are testing and developing new recipes.

 Finding a great location is an important consideration when opening a restaurant. We love being across the street from the Westin. Travelers tend to want the “local flavors” and they get that at Pearl. They tell me they can go to a chain when they’re at home. We love being downstairs from Microsoft, Eddie Bauer and next door to Paccar. The business community has embraced us as well as they see the great value we offer. And it’s nice being about a 5 minute drive from Medina, Clyde Hill and other Bellevue neighborhoods. We always have a great mix of locals, business and travelers. We also love the energy and constant excitement from all the action at Lincoln Square; there are always lots of people here and we like feeding off that energy.

 When I’m not in the kitchen at Pearl, I love to cook with my family at home.  When cooking for my family, it’s usually a group effort. We have “taco night” on Sundays, always with fresh ingredients, and the recipes change every week too. We all love it. My kids enjoy sharing in the cooking duties as well, sometimes they’ll be in charge of the salad, but they really do more and more all the time. I love it! I like sharing the load with them. It makes every meal fun.

 My kids have interesting taste. My youngest Rachel LOVES candied yams, but they have to be Dad’s way. This last Thanksgiving I was working and I had to talk her through the recipe over the phone. She sent me a picture and we were both very proud. She asked for the yams again on her birthday – this time alongside grilled salmon and asparagus. Not sure that’s what I would have, but it’s her birthday. My other daughter Melissa just says that she is craving Pearl – not sure what she wants, just knows that she can get it at Pearl. My oldest John is a respectable cook in his own right. He has posted a few recipes on YouTube.

 I enjoy cooking with my family because sitting down to a great meal with those I love has always been an important part of my life.  Both of my parents are good cooks and I have MANY fond memories of great meals growing up. Not just holidays either, I’m talking about weekday dinners where my mom would try something new or my dad would whip something up on the barbecue. I have also worked with many great Chefs in my career and am still learning about food every day.”






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