Meet the Team: Ian Keene, Bar Manager

Ian Keene, Bar Manager

Starting his career at just 14, Ian worked his way from post to post within an Italian/Mediterranean multi unit concept and continued his success from there into other ventures including a local gourmet restaurant on the East Coast, where he was born and raised. His ability for effective management saw him at the helm of several well known restaurants and bars before Pearl tapped into his talents.

 As Pearl’s bar manager, Ian’s duties are more nimble than most: He traverses managing the bar at Pearl, working with computers, including handling the point of sale system at the restaurant, menu design and web page menus.  He is always trying to strive for new designs and templates for the restaurant and its upcoming events.

Ian is rewarded in how the team’s work can have a profound impact on one’s dining experience. “Its so great to be able to blow people’s expectations out of the water when they come to Pearl, and its amazing that it doesn’t matter who is working to achieve this,” he says.  “We have an amazing team and the chemistry between us all is something I’ve never experienced at any other job; also to be apart of something from before day one and to help its success is a great thing!”

 Although it’s tough to favor any single menu item, Ian finds himself craving both the Filet and the Sablefish.  “They are unbelievably good, but they always leave me wanting more, even when I am stuffed,” he says.

Ian relishes free time with his toddler son, Josiah, and when he and his wife are lucky enough to get a day off together, they spend it as a family to make every second count.  Ian is also very active in his church, participating in as many events as possible.


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