Meet the Team: Matthew Davis, Sommelier

Matthew Davis first learned about hospitality from Seattle restaurants Earth & Ocean and Canlis, and served on the wine teams at Ray’s Boathouse and 0/8 Seafood Grill before being appointed Pearl’s wine director. 

As ambassador to the restaurant’s service team and its rich offering of Washington and old world wines, Matthew shares his enthusiasm about all the winemakers coming through Pearl’s winemaker dinner series and the local finds that are joining our wine list each month.  

He draws great satisfaction in being surrounded by people who feel the same way about service that he does.

“Outside Pearl we don’t always get what we want and aren’t treated as we would like to be, but here at Pearl we get to treat people as special as we ought to be treated all the time,” he says.

On the menu Matthew enjoys the Wagyu Sirloin (“you just can’t get a deeper more full flavored steak anywhere,” he says). That and the diversity of choices in Pearl’s beverages make it tough to decide, but if he had to pick just one he’d have a glass of DeLille Chaleur Blanc.

In his free time, this UW Husky alum likes to rock climb in Ballard, cycle with his college buddies, and cook for his family. Matthew is a certified sommelier by the Court of Master Sommelier and has passed level two of the International Sommelier Guild. He is working on completing the Guild’s Diploma program.


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