Monday night; another reason to celebrate at Pearl

A group of ladies celebrating two birthdays in our dining room ogled their entrees upon arrival and began snapping photos, each guest passing the camera to capture her respective entrée. We told them if they shared their photos, we’d post them. Why not? Proof positive what’s plated is exactly as stated. They were quite pleased with themselves—and there wasn’t a bite spared in their consumption. Drum roll, please!

Pan-Roasted Free-Range Half Chicken Marsala – Porcini jus, cipollini onions, smashed potatoes

Braised Boneless Short Ribs – House made Yukon gold gnocchi, aromatic vegetables

Snake River Farms Wagyu Sirloin – Bleu cheese fritters, Yukon gold potatoes, demi, fresh herb salad

Cedar Planked King SalmonCaramelized onion smashed potatoes, orange butter sauce

Chef’s House made Yukon gold gnocchi

Bering Sea SablefishHoney-miso marinade, namya broth, Dungeness crab dumplings


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