Photo courtesy of Kate McDermott,

Is there anything better? Could they be the perfect food? The sweetness is overwhelming; the juiciness is second to none, just looking at those little red beauties is enough to get my taste buds jumpin’.

I mean, come on; with all due respect to the rest of the berry family tree…the super food Blueberries with their antioxidants, muffins, yogurt, you know what I’m talking about here.  The unique savoryness of the Raspberry and their crunchy little seeds, I can see those little babies on some sweet vanilla ice cream right now. The humble climbing Blackberry with their prickly vines and the ease to find almost anywhere, for all the cobblers and crunches you can think of. To all the other Tayberries and Loganberries and Gooseberries and every other specialty berry.

But the Strawberry, particularly the ones grown within 50 miles of Seattle, oh so sweet and oh so juicy! They even come with their own individual handle! But once they’ve been picked, you better hurry! They only last a day of two after that. That’s because all the natural sugars which tend to soften the beautiful berries right away. We get our wonderful berries from the Sakuma Brothers farms in Skagit Valley. They’ve been growing strawberries since 1915, so they have a pretty good head start on the rest of us. But right now, we can all enjoy the amazing taste of fresh, local berries; on your shortcake, on your breakfast cereal, with whipped cream, with a little champagne, jams, jellies, preserves, you name it. But my favorite Strawberry recipe is the one from Pearl – Fresh local strawberries with vanilla bread pudding and crème anglaise. The pudding itself is quite tasty, but this dessert is all about the berries!

– Executive Chef Bradley Dickinson


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