Bellevue Farmers Market

Executive Chef Bradley Dickinson and Sous Chef JJ Ullakko perform a chef demo at the Bellevue Farmers Market on August 19. Photo credit: Bellevue Farmers Market.

Now I know that they say “don’t go shopping on an empty stomach” for a good reason, but “they” have probably never been to the farmer’s market on a warm August afternoon when the tomatoes are gorgeous, the peaches smell like candy and all the other fruits and vegetables look soooo beautiful!

It’s fun to have one thing in mind for dinner; and by the time you’ve made your first pass through the vendors you’ve done a complete 180. So many great options are there; it’s an absolutely wonderful experience. We tasted delicious pizza from a wood-fired oven, sampled some incredible salted caramel ice cream from the Molly Moon’s truck and took home a bag of mussels from Taylor shellfish that had been in the salty seawater just that morning. It doesn’t get any fresher than that – that’s what makes it special – the freshness!

I’ve been visiting the market in Bellevue for the last couple of years, meeting the vendors and making new friends, sometimes even visiting their farms to learn more about their product.

If you haven’t been lately, now is the time! What are you waiting for? I’ll see you there!


Chef Bradley Dickinson

Sous Chef JJ Ullakko tempts passerby with the aromas of Pearl's farmstead masterpiece while Executive Chef Bradley Dickinson explains the dish. Photo credit: Bellevue Farmers Market.

Bellevue Farmers Market

Urban Farm Junkie – The official blog for the Bellevue Farmers Market


2 thoughts on “Bellevue Farmers Market

  1. Always a pleasure to have Pearl at the market!

    I’m up in the San Juans on family vacation and last night I made your famous Brown Sugar Peaches w/ Vanilla Bread Pudding using Martin Orchard Peaches & Macrina Bakery Brioche…oh my word! D’lish. Thanks! Also, enjoying a bottle of Lachini Pinot Gris which I first tasted at a Pearl luncheon last year.

    Bon appetit!

    • Thank you, Lori! We had a great time at the Bellevue Farmers Market and we look forward to the next time we get to participate! Peaches and pinot… sounds great! Enjoy your time in the San Juans.


      Bradley and Mikel

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