Celebrate NYE at Pearl & Koral

After celebrating our 5th Anniversary at Pearl Bar & Dining in November, now it’s time to reflect upon 2013. It’s been a great year for us and we’re looking forward to celebrating Koral’s 2nd Anniversary early 2014.

Whether you’re looking for LIVE MUSIC or a great DJ, we’ve got it all on New Years Eve. Ring in 2014 in style with amazing food, fun music and complimentary party favors and a champagne toast at midnight.

Reservations will be taken until 10pm and are strongly recommended:

Koral Reservations – click here or call 425-623-1125

Pearl Reservations – click here or call 425-455-0181

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5 YEARS and counting!

5 years ago, Pearl Bar & Dining opened its doors to the community of Bellevue.

What a difference 5 years can make:

Bellevue’s population has grown from 118,000 residents to nearly 140,000


Facebook has increased it’s users from 100 million to 1.19 billion


and…Miley Cyrus was ONLY famous for being Hannah Montana


But one thing remains the same – Pearl has consistently delivered the best of what we have to offer. We work with the freshest product in fun and innovative ways. The servers welcome guests with a genuine smile and remember your name and favorite drink. The chefs work hard to execute each dish perfectly.

Pearl-0685-2 Pearl Restaurant Bellevue 4th Anniversary Party JDRF Fundraiser Pearl Restaurant Bellevue 4th Anniversary Party JDRF Fundraiser Pearl-0056 © Rina Jordan© Rina Jordan

© Rina Jordan© Rina Jordan

We have fun sharing recipes, coordinating exciting events and working hard with our spectacular vendors. The one thing that isn’t highlighted as much as it should be, is the biggest thank you of them all – so thank you to Bradley Dickinson and Mikel Rogers. They took a chance on their own restaurant 5 years ago. Today, Pearl has an incredible reputation and they have a sister restaurant, Koral Bar & Kitchen to be proud of, as well. It’s easy to see Bradley working on the line and say, “Wow, that was an incredible sablefish dish!” or watch Mikel greet every guest and even help bus tables in the restaurant when needed. However, they do so much more than what can be seen everyday. This job for them doesn’t end at the end of the day. There are always creative ideas, special products and new vintages of wine to be discovered. As a team, we cannot thank you enough for all your diligent hard work. Looking forward to many more years!




Fabulous Fall Wild Mushroom Stuffing

Chef Bradley has a great time chatting with other chefs and friends in the area about their various cuisines. And WE love sharing those great recipes. But hey, not so fast – don’t forget Bradley can whip up some pretty fantastic recipes himself! So to represent a holiday that focuses so much on the FOOD, here is one of Bradley’s recipes that hits the tables every year at Pearl for Thanksgiving- taking reservations now by the way! Call quick, as spots are filling in

Below are the full Thanksgiving menus for Pearl (425.455.0181) and Koral (425.623.1125) – but let’s chat Stuffing!



1/2 lb. butter

1 large onion, chopped

6-8 stalks for celery, chopped

1/3 cup sage, finely chopped

1 lb. crimini mushrooms, sliced

1/2 lb. chanterelle mushrooms, torn

3 cups long grain & wild rice, cooked

salt and pepper, to taste

1 1/2 lb. sourdough bread loaf (we love Macrina Bakery!)

1/2 bunch of fresh parsley, chopped

2 cups chicken stock, hot

5 eggs, beaten


Heat butter in large stock pot or brazier over medium heat

Add onions and celery, cook until soft

Add sage and mushrooms, sauté lightly to soften; reduce heat to low

Season with salt and pepper

Add rice and bread; mix well

Add parsley and stock; mix well

Add eggs and stir well; Cook until eggs are firm and stock is well incorporated

Remove to baking pan

If cooking right away – cover with foil and bake in 300° oven for about 1 hour until hot throughout. Remove foil for last 15 minutes to “brown” slightly.

If cooking at a later time – allow to cool completely (uncovered). To reheat – add a little more stock and mix well to “break up” large pieces that may have stuck together. Cover with foil and bake in 300° oven for about 1 hour until hot throughout. (165° in the center) Remove foil for last 15 minutes to “brown” slightly.

Voila! The perfect Thanksgiving stuffing.

Make it really easy this year and let us do the cooking! Join us at Pearl or Koral for Thanksgiving dinner!

Nov13A_Pearl (1)


Upcoming Winemaker Dinners

If you like wine, and we know you do, we invite you to join us at our upcoming winemaker dinners. Our chef, Bradley Dickinson, invites local winemakers into Koral Bar & Kitchen and Pearl Bar & Dining to pair their beautiful wines with our fabulous food.

First up: DeLille Cellars

Koral Bar & Kitchen will be hosting DeLille Cellars and winemaker Jason Gorski on November 13th for a memorable evening of food and wine. Below is the menu. Reservations are required – email Kristi at kristi@koralbellevue.com or call 425.623.1125

DeLille Dinner2


And because these are events are such a blast for us, we’ll be hosting a second event the very next day.

Next up: Long Shadows Winery 

Pearl Bar & Dining will be hosting Long Shadows Winery and winemaker Gilles Nicault on November 14th. Below is the menu. Reservations are required – email Kristi at kristi@pearlbellevue.com or call 425.455.0181

LS winery

Brown Sugar Peaches with Vanilla Bread Pudding


Yum – you can’t help but think of summer when you’re enjoying a sweet and juicy peach. Georgia is known as the Peach State. “The world’s largest peach cobbler” is made every year in Georgia, and that cobbler measures 11 feet by 5 feet.

We aren’t beating any world records (that we know of!) but we do think this dessert recipe is pretty incredible. Try it for yourself! Chef loves these over our vanilla bread pudding, but says they’re also quite tasty over froyo or ice cream, or maybe a scone…


Makes 4-6 portions

For the bread pudding

Brioche or egg bread – cut into 3/4” cubes           10 oz. (About 8 cups)

Whole eggs, beaten                                                       5 each

Sugar                                                                                     1 ¼ cups

Whole milk                                                                         1 cup

Whipping cream                                                               1 cup

Vanilla extract                                                                   2 tsp.

Amaretto liqueur – optional                                        1 Tbsp.

Cut bread and allow to dry out slightly. Place in lightly buttered 9”X4” loaf pan

Combine eggs and sugar – mix well

Add remaining ingredients to egg mixture – mix well and pour over bread. Allow to sit at room temperature for 30 minutes and then bake at 325° (No fan) for approx. 60 minutes, or until a toothpick comes out dry. Allow to cool slightly

For the topping

Ripe Washington Peaches – sliced                            2 medium peaches

Brown sugar                                                                       ¼ cup

Butter – soft                                                                      1 ½ Tbsp.

Water                                                                                   1-2 Tbsp.

Combine peaches with brown sugar and butter over low heat and stir gently. Allow sugar to melt to make “caramel”.

Add water if needed to thin sauce. Heat thoroughly.

For Service

Arrange bread pudding on serving plates. Top with vanilla ice cream and brown sugar peaches.

Oregon Pink Shrimp and Shaved Fennel Toasts

You know, one great thing about a being a chef… you have friends who are chefs, too! After Bradley spent the afternoon with Lisa Dupar and Jonathan Zimmer, he came away with a great new recipe! Thanks for sharing this with us!

shrimp fennel recipefennel salad


6 cups Oregon pink shrimp

1 cup finely diced celery

1 cup diced fennel

1 cup diced daikon or red radish

3/4 cup mayonnaise (either store bought or my recipe for EVOO Mayo)

6 tablespoons chopped fennel greens

1 tablespoon chopped tarragon

3 tablespoons dry white vermouth, optional

3/4 teaspoon New Bay Seasoning from World Spice Market (Old Bay Seasoning)


Artisan Toasts: your favorite artisan bread, sliced thinly and toasted

6 to 8 Easter radishes, sliced

Celery tops or sprigs of fennel greens, for garnish


In a mixing bowl, combine the shrimp, celery, fennel, radish, mayonnaise, fennel greens, tarragon, vermouth, and Old or New Bay Seasoning. Adjust the seasoning if needed. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

Arrange on each plate with 1or 2 Artisan toasts. Divide the shrimp salad and place atop the toasts. Garnish with celery tops or sprigs of fennel greens. Garnish plates with Easter Radishes or French Breakfast Radishes.

Mash note: If you use frozen shrimp, make sure they are completely defrosted and drained of any extra water. Make this salad right before serving, as the veggies will lose their crunch if it sits too long.

 Makes 6 to 8 servings

Homemade EVOO Mayonnaise

Once you have spoiled yourself by making your own mayonnaise with this much flavor, you will understand how mayo should taste. Make enough to keep on hand for family sandwiches and salads.


1/4 cup water

4 egg yolks

2 tablespoons Dijon mustard

Salt and black or white pepper

1-1/2 tablespoons red wine vinegar

2 cups grape seed oil or other neutral vegetable oil

1 cup extra virgin olive oil

1/2 ounce lemon juice


Bring water to a boil.

In a blender or food processor, combine the egg yolks, mustard, salt, pepper, and vinegar. Purée until smooth. With the machine running, add the grape seed oil and olive oil in a slow, steady stream until emulsified. When the mixture is thick, add the boiling water and lemon juice, and blend. This will whiten the mixture, cook the yolks, and help set the mayonnaise. Date and refrigerate your mayonnaise (not that it will last too long). It will last for a few months refrigerated.

Makes 4 cups

Mother’s Day Brunch – 2013

Not your traditional buffet brunch for Mother’s Day

PEARL Bar & Dining | KORAL Bar & Kitchen

Mother’s Day is one day out of the year (but hopefully there are many more in between!) where we can sit back and truly honor Mom for all she does for her loved ones. The last thing she wants to hear is her family bickering about who wants what, who wants to go where and all the countless arguments one experiences when choosing a restaurant. We offer a variety of options for our guests during brunch – we provide housemade lemon-currant scones for the table, a CHOICE of your OWN appetizer and finally, you select an individual brunch – or lunch – entree!

Voila!! ~~ ~ Choices galore for every member of your family!

Limited space is available, so make your reservations now. Peak at our menus below.

KORAL Bar & Kitchen

Call for reservations 425.623.1125 or make them HERE online


PEARL Bar & Dining

Call for reservations 425.455.0181 or make them HERE online


Bookwalter Winemaker Dinner at Pearl for the Washington Wines Festival

Pearl is hosting an intimate winemaker dinner featuring Bookwalter Winery on Thursday, July 7 at 6pm. Chef Bradley and his talented culinary team will be crafting a special menu to be paired perfectly with a selection of Bookwalter’s fine wines.

This exclusive wine dinner honors the celebration of the 20th Annual Wine Weekend presented by the Washington Wines Festival. Tickets are $200/person with proceeds benefiting Camp Korey and the Washington Wine Education Foundation. Space is limited so sign up early to reserve your seat!

Visit www.washingtonwinesfestival.org to order tickets or call 206.236.6167.